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Financial Prosperity starts with listening and paying attention

The Net Profit Group is the leading company in Israel for providing consultancy services, financial planning both professionally and reliably.

The group experts in a wide variety of services: Taxes, tax return, family budgeting mentoring, business mentoring, financial solutions including mortgage consulting, state-guaranteed loans, business plan, future tax system planning, real estate and more…

We act in cooperation with the leading entities and most professional financial entities in the country, both in the private and public sectors.

The unique positioning of the Net Profit Group is accredited to a different mindset and uncompromisable approach.

The Net Profit Group adjusts its activities to the variable needs of its customers and leads the penetration and implementation of the term – “financial management and extraction of civil rights” as an integral part of the financial world.

Activities such as: Tax return, social security rights – are perceived as the net profit of the citizen.

The Net Profit Group – experts in economical and financial solutions, tax return and IRS application processes in order to represent the employee in front of the authorities. Moreover, we guarantee the execution of his rights to receive payments, compensations, and rights that the law enables the employee to get.

Technology and Human format

  • The professional qualities of the Net Profit Group derive from the human resources that exists in the company.
  • Legal Counsel, Accountant Counsel, and CPA as well as agents that are spread throughout the country have passed trainings and are accredited to verifications, and financial consulting.
  • The Net Profit Group invests a large effort in trainings and is being modified on a regular basis in the modifications that occurs in the tax world.

The Group consists of channels and networking of communication in front of the IRS, and insurance entities that enables a direct contact for getting the information to the employee.

Service Commitment

  • We are committed to view the customer service as an important value that is needed to be improved and retained.
  • We are committed for an excellency and quality in customer service which will contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • We are committed to listen to our customer needs and to adjust compliant services in the most professional manner.
  • We are committed to provide our customers with a personal care and kind treatment.
  • We are committed to initiate services and suggestions to customers according to their needs and on a permanent basis.
  • We are committed to respect customers’ time and to shorten waiting times as much as possible.

We are committed to execute promises which have been given to customers and to act in finding fast solutions to their needs.

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