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In a world which is developing in front of our eyes at a fast pace, it is time to understand that children and youths’ financial education is as important as an English lesson. Gaming experience with financial messages is indeed needed for children and youths in the living 21st century.

It turns out that many parents which their children are learning at elementary school thought already long time ago to include in the education system lessons regarding financial education, in order to prepare their children to real life.

We, at the center for financial growth believe that financial education must begin at a young age.

Correct financial habits at a younger age is the fundamental infrastructure for adult living.

“The children of today are the generation of the future”

That is how the idea was born, and was developed for you as a set of friendly lessons for the user, which through the lessons it will be possible to transfer fascinating training at your child’s classroom.

The “count on me” activity enables your children to be aware in a good experience to basic terms such as money, savings, prioritization and more.

This is their way to better deal in the future with a safer and liberal finance policy.

We as parents, as an educational factor, will remember the goal in front of our eyes.

During the lesson we will just talk about the reason for which we arrived for, respect school and the children and will not give any place for any kind of promotions, or commercial or marketing content whatsoever.

So what is “Count on Me”?

This is an exciting financial activity that suit children and youths.

An activity that is based upon acquaintance with initial financial terms along with encouragement for cooperation. The outcome of this activity is that children end up with financial decisions.

The activity can be reflected in games such as an escape room with missions.

At Net Income Group:

The activity plan in the educational financial field is led by financial planners


What is our uniqueness?

We are acting out of a mission.

We have professionals from the financial planning field

As well as an experienced pedagogical guidance team

We act according to personal students’ characteristics adjustments at school.

The cooperation exists from the expectations stage with school’s team, presence of a teacher in every meeting that manage the quietness in the classroom.

The children will understand the relevancy of capital management from a young age, the introduction of financial product market, explanations about family budget and more.

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