Family Budget

In the modern generation, and in the actual consumption culture our children and ourselves are being exposed to a lot of temptations that call us from every corner.

The simplicity of which we can swipe our credit card, the credit that the banks provide us makes us difficult to retain our finger on the trigger.

The outcome of this process is failure to manage properly our family budget.

Many families collapse under the mortgage payments, enters to overdrafts, loans, and difficulties of cash flows, do not address important issues such as pensions, higher education for their children, nursing insurance and more.

All these issues might lead to no confidence, no control, and family problems that can cause even divorce.

Did you know?

There are 1.8 M families in Israel in which most of them do not manage their budget properly and suffer from a wrong budget management.

We, at Net Profit foresee in front of us the employee rights and the rules that are accredited to him according to the law.

The target is to root in the employee the correct financial culture and simplify the issues through a full transparency of the current situation.

The working plan which is constructed from a couple of meetings will explain the employee where and how to save in costs, present him bank comparisons, insurance companies and other suppliers.

The employee will profit from practical tools and applications for managing the home financial system.

During the last years, more and more households are entering budget distress, and not due to low income but rather due to wrong management process, wrong priorities, and over consumption.

At Net Income you will meet professional mentors from the field.

  • If you would like to know how to live in financial prosperity, close the bank overdraft, save money for the pension, and for your children studies
  • If you want to pay less for the mortgage
  • And if you want to invest in different assets

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