Mortgage Consulting Course

Come and join learning the fundamentals of mortgage and the financing percentages allowed by the Bank of Israel, credit risk, return ratio, indexes, Prime rate and more…

Maximizing the potential of a mortgage loan, learning the entire financial terms aspects in order to advance the interests of your customers in front of banks.

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The 5-topic workshop is compromising of 10 meetings, each one 3.5 hours. Its purpose is to assist in correct and balanced management while taking a mortgage loan, taking into consideration the changes in finance ratios according to the laws of the Bank of Israel, credit risk of the customer in front of banks, indexes, prime rates and more. Gathering the necessary tools in order to confront the financial challenges during times of before and after the mortgage loan taking.

Minimum of 10 participants (spouse as well)

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Details about the Mortgage Course:

Topic # 1 – Finance: the fundamentals of finance determination

  • Financing ratio according to the Bank of Israel laws and policies
  • Customer credit risk in front of the bank
  • Return ratio
  • Return table

Topic # 2 – Interest rate types: Bank of Israel / mortgage banks

  • Indexes
  • Prime rate
  • Fixed / variable interest
  • Exchange market
  • Anchoring, and more..

Topic # 3 – Loans: types and components of loans

  • Bridge loans
  • Equal principal 
  • Balloon loans
  • And more…

Topic # 4 – Mortgage Application Forms

  • Prequalification process
  • Warning Label
  • Property Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Peri peso
  • And more…

Topic # 5 – Regulation and Safety

  • Ownership rights
  • Draft taboo / confirmation of rights