360 Project Package

Project that talks about a way and an outline.

A project that thousands went through since they chose a different path.

From a way of life of pressure and financial difficulties to a different way of life which is freedom, relaxation, and economic prosperity.

This is not a secret method!

It is not magic!

It is an approved method which guides you step by step to move away from life of financial difficulties towards life of financial prosperity. The feeling of living in overdraft your entire life, the feeling of heavy tax payments, and the daily high expenses is correct, however there is another way!

The option to change – moving towards life which are relaxing from financial point of view, and even save and grow – this life can be yours!

Throughout the years we have accumulated wide experience in the finance sector, taxes, mortgages, insurance and more. All these brought us to develop the “Net Income Method”.

This method was experimented on more than our 30,000 customers and was further developed over the years.

Today, for the first time, I am offering the most comprehensive solution that exists in the market!

A comprehensive solution which provides solutions to personal financing, family and business.

That is why we chose to name it :”The 360 Degrees Project”

In fact, it is making a full 360 degrees circle, and returning to the same beginning point wiser.

Before you continue to read, take a moment to go through the following questions and answer them in an honest manner (Yes / No):

Would you wish to:

Get tax return payments from the IRS?

Be aware that you are not going to pay extra taxes in the future?

Save money on mortgage payments and facilitate cash flow?

Save money for the real important things?

Increase your capital through wise investments?

Control personal and family expenses?

Feel financial comfort?

Improving family relationship following the move from financial pressure to a relaxed finance situation?

Moving away from overdraft and transfer it to a positive figure in your balance account?

Save money for your children: studies, wedding, housing and more?

Allowing yourself to travel abroad and locally?

Being able to buy healthier food?

Allowing yourself specific and better medical treatments?

Feel safe and secured in a way that you are covered with insurance in such a manner that is most suitable for you and your family?

In case you answered Yes to a minimum of 5 questions, you must read the following sentences:

I would like to offer you something new,

An offer I never offered

I would like to offer you the “360 Project” escorting

For a symbolic cost of 360 NIS.

What does the “360 Project” offer?


Planning and checking Insurance and Financial Files

Family Budget consulting

Mortgage Consulting

Tax Return

Feel free to fill up the form below, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly: