Insurance and Pension

Presenting a wide variety of insurance services, and adapting the services according to customer needs.

We are working with professional insurance agents which are committed to high service quality and are much appreciated.

We are here to provide you with the best service at a reasonable cost and at a full value for money.

Do you think that it is time to open and improve your insurance files?

Well, that is great!

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Net Profit Group expertise in the entire financial fields, works in front of the various insurance companies and offers a comprehensive and valuable insurance offers.

We offer variable insurance services:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Mortgage Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Disability Insurance
  5. Critical Illness Insurance
  6. Personal Accidents Insurance
  7. 401K programs ((קרנות השתלמות וקופות גמל
  8. Pension and executive insurance programs
  9. Investments management
  10. Short- and long-term savings

And more…

We are your representation entity in front of insurance companies.

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