Retirement planning

Approaching Retirement Age? Congratulations!

We are here to escort you and explain what is financial management.

The entire tax issue, right and prosperous financial planning before and after the retirement, taking into consideration the forecast changes in income on one hand, and reception of large amounts from the other, leisure culture spending and correct usage of retirement funds.

First meeting

The tax aspects

  • How to plan for retirement and pension and what is financial planning?
  • What are the tax significances of retirement?
  • Types of wages: basic / combined / insured / pensioned

Second Meeting

Planning family budget from now on

  • Financial plan – building of cash flow, budget plan
  • Finance of family events
  • Family risk management – pension, life and disability
  • Dealing with crisis situations.

Third Meeting

Analysis of economic terms and family risks management

  • Banks – consulting and negotiating in front of commercial banks
  • Housing and mortgage – bid between the banks
  • Credit market – credit verification
  • Capital market and insurance world – preparation of application 161, and withdrawal of funds according to pension clearing and professional guidance.
  • Independent / household interface.

Fourth Meeting

Getting you on the road

  • Practical tools and providing of applicable tools
  • Building a long-term working plan
  • Target, goals, and dreams
  • Budget building plan and applicable tools.

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