Financial Planning

Representation of a strategy in order to provide the solutions to your needs. In case we will not be provided with all the necessary information that is needed in order to understand the actual real situation of the family, this job will provide you with a partial solution and will not take into consideration the entire components of life targets for the next 10 years and the trends that the family will have to deal with in the future.

Whether we are talking about a comprehensive or a partial plan, it is essential to provide us with access to the entire information of the economic situation of the family in the most accurate manner that is available. Without the relevant information, the outcome of the strategy will be missed and might not suit your needs and the family’s targets.

Planning a properly working plan includes:

  1. Introduction about the actual financial situation of your family, and professional work on your future targets.
  2. Definitions of your targets and goals.
  3. Building an investment strategy, reduction and risk diversification
  4. Building a fund withdrawal strategy in retirement.
  5. What is the tax policy? Suggestions on changes.
  6. Optimal financial planning for the next generations.

We are building a strategy which will enable you to receive a comprehensive solution to your entire needs.

Upon receiving from you with the necessary information we will be able to present you in the most transparent way the full picture. Moreover we will be able to build you with the most suitable plan relevant to your reality and to your family members.

We have the option of building a comprehensive or a partial plan. The idea is that we will get from you maximum accessibility for the required information that we need. In such a way we will win a winning strategy and will prevent impairments.

We will build you achievable targets for the next 10 years.

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