Tax Return

Salaried Employees?

You’d probably want to hear that you got a lot of money.

Indeed, you are simply not aware of it.

In case you are in an overdraft situation now, or having difficulties in closing your month, we would like to inform you that your financial situation could be improved for certainty.

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Would like to hear a surprising data?

About 80% from the salaried employees in Israel are entitled for a tax return and the average return varies between K5 – K12 NIS for an employee.

There are numerous and variable reasons for tax return. See below primary reasons for which the IRS is providing tax returns:

  1. Time period during which you have not worked during the year (unemployment, sick days, unpaid vacation days, switching between jobs / companies etc…)
  2. Payment deposit to provident funds, or payment to life insurance policies including mortgage insurance (for yourself, your parents, children).
  3. Retirement to pension or severance pay.
  4. A child with a learning disability.
  5. Graduating from college with an undergraduate / graduate diploma since 2005.
  6. Single parent families
  7. Donations
  8. Income from more than a single source at the same time.
  9. Investment in the stock exchange markets/savings/ deposits
  10. And more…

All this money is yours and you deserve to receive it!

Tax return are funds that the IRS is collecting from you, however for different reasons you deserve to get them back.

Why the IRS is not making the effort, and initiate itself the execution of the tax return?

Good question! The fact is that in order for you to get the money back – you just need to ask for it.


There are 30 criterions which accredits in tax return! For example:

  • Parents to a child with learning disabilities are accredited for a return of NIS 4,000 for a year – up to 7 years back.
  • A divorced man who pays child support is accredited for a yearly return of NIS 2,400 for a year – up to 7 years back.
  • A student which graduated with an undergraduate / graduate diploma is accredited to a NIS 2,400 for a period of 2-3 years back.
  • An employee which has been fired from his workplace / resigned and there was a period in which he did not work / signed unemployment, is accredited for a tax return times the no. of months that he was unemployed / signed unemployment.
  • A woman who has extended maternity leave beyond the eligibility period is entitled to a refund.
  • A person who pays a mortgage is entitled to a refund for life insurance payments.
  • And more…

The tax return refund can be paid up to 6 years back!

Act fast in order not to miss a single tax year!

We, at Net Income Group are collecting for you all the relevant documents that are required, starting from the 106 form, tax insurance payments from the insurance companies, unemployment funds, / child birth / military days / donations payment receptions and more…

In addition, we supervise the file and making sure that there are no debts whatsoever, making the application to the IRS authorities, and escorting you until the payment is accredited to your bank account.

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